Keep calm and love Salvatore brothers

The vampire diaries was a big part of my life for 8 years, it first aired in September 10th 2009 and had its heartbreaking finale on march 10 2017. It is my all time favorite show and not only did I learn a lot about how to live my life through the epic story line I also had my life positively changed through the people I met and talked to from the show. I love the vampire diaries and the characters are very special to me so i had to write about my two favorite brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. And this write up is exclusively for my die hard fang fans. It was made pretty obvious to us from the start of the series that the main plot line would predominantly be about a love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon, and that it would be Stefan’s story. And the writers had actually planned to have Elena and Stefan find their way back to each other but that changed after Nina Dobrevs departure from the show. But for me personally from the first “Hello Brother” the show was always about Damon and Stefan’s relationship with each other . Damon and Stefan both loved Elena fiercely, both in different ways. Stefan was her soul mate and they loved each other with absolute purity but Elena could never shake her deeper feelings for Damon after turning into a vampire. She was consumed in Damon’s love and she knew he would do things for her that Stefan, stricken with guilt and morality couldn’t. Damon’s character arc was undeniably inspiring, he went from antagonist to protagonist. His love for Elena was immense and he wanted to do right by her, in time he became less impulsive and more compassionate. But his love for his brother was more then any love he could of had for Elena. Elena was what the brothers needed to find each other. Stefan always said he needed Damon more then Elena and Damon loved his brother more then anything. Stefan was lost without Damon and when Damon was with Elena Stefan saw that he needed her to become a better person. That’s the beauty of it, Stefan needed his brother but Damon needed Elena to become the brother that Stefan needed. There’s no doubt the brothers both loved Elena unconditionally but within a void of the vampires hearts I believe they loved and protected her because they knew she was the glue that held them together. Both brothers eternally wounded by the grief that they have inflicted on each other , always trying to be as selfless as possible for one another, attempting to fix the hurts of the past while in the end Stefan gives his own life to save his big brother. Damon would of never let Stefan die for him and was prepared to do the most selfless thing he could-of ever done but Stefan knew Damon would try to save his little brother. Stefan’s actions in the finale was his ultimate sacrifice to give his life for Damon’s , knowing that he was the one who forced Damon to transition into a vampire all those years ago which caused a train reaction of death and suffering. Stefan couldn’t stand the thought of Damon and Elena losing each other either and his actions saved both of them. For 8 season the story for me was all about the development of the Salvatore brotherhood which was an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Delena and Stelena are great but the most important ship of vampire diaries will always be #defan. My top five #defan moment are the car crash:  the off screen friendshipthis hugthe reunion from the other side the end#TVDforever


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