Freak in the sheets

My two favourite things are sex and music so I’ve inevitably got a pretty freaky playlist on Spotify which I call ‘ Freak in the sheets ‘.  Music encourages sexual activity and can intensify the pleasure of engaging in sex, this is because listening to music releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that in responsible for creating the same feeling we get when we have sex, do drugs or eat chocolate. So I have listed a bunch of my favourite songs for sex below. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do. This playlist is mixed genre and works well for guys and girls. It’s got everything, songs for girls to rock their hips to and slow jams.  1. Like a wrecking ball- Eric Church 2. Firestone- Kygo 3. Gold- Kiiara 4. Killing strangers- Marilyn Manson 5. Gravity- Sarah Bareilles 6. Fader- The temper trap 7. The hills- the weekend 8. Bad or you- Meek mill and Nikki Minaj 9. For an hour with you- J.tillman 10. Closer-king of Leon 11.Intro- the xx 12.Your man- Josh turner 13.Little pills- devil skin 14. Supermassive blackhole- Muse 15. My love- route 94 16. The wire- Haim 17. Sway- Bic runga 18. This years love- David grey 19. Heartbeats- the knife 20. Hey- pixies 21. Body party- ciara 22. Motivation- Kelly rowland 23. (Ashamed but..) ms. New booty- bubba sparxxx 24. Tennessee whisky- Chris Stapleton 25. Big poppa- biggie smalls 26. Scars- Michael malarkey 27. My name is human- highly suspect 28. Eyes on fire- blue foundation 29. Lydia- highly suspect 30. Vessel- devilskin 31. Layla- Eric Clapton 32. Fucking problems- asap rocky 33. Oh- ciara 34. Stay- Rihanna 35. Truffle butter- Nikki Minaj 36. The recipe- Kendrick Lamar 37. 212- azealia banks 38. Beggin- step up all starts 39. Bang that- disclosure 40. Running low- netsky party- meek mill 42. 9pm- atb right there- diplo 44. Raise your weapon- deadmau5 45. Spin you around- puddle of mudd 46. Deftones- tempest.


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