I know this girl, she’s not like other girls. She’s got a edge, sharp enough to cut through cold rolled steel. She looks at me with a purpose, I look back into her eyes and it’s a blue abyss .. the deepest I’ve ever looked. Her jet back hair matches the way she walks, like she knows exactly what she wants. She is imperfect in every way I can imagine but she is the most strikingly gorgeous girl I have ever seen. The way she talks I thought she was broken, I can tell by the quiver in her voice that she’s been through some adversity. But the more I listen to her the more I realise she’s more put together than I thought, she’s here to fix me. She does this thing when she laughs, she’ll look down and giggle and then look back up at me to see if I’m laughing to. It’s hard not to laugh, everything about her is contagious. Her perfect reluctant smile with her painted lips, her compassion, her energy…. It all seems like a dream. She burns bright within the darkness of my presence, she has that Irish fire blood and it’s runs hot. I was lost, my path was disappearing in the horizon and I was weary. Isn’t it wonderful, that on our tiny little planet in an ocean of stars and galaxies, there is one girl who Is so undeniably alluring to me that it feels like every cell in my body is aching to be with her. There’s no one else like this one girl, one I can be selfless for and do write by.


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  1. Thank you for following BrewNSpew. Your posts are well written and interesting. May I suggest you break up your writing by adding paragraphs? Paragraphs make it easier for your readers to follow. 😃

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