Welcome to Wakanda

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With super hero movies absolutely steam rolling the Box office right now with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon every new trailer is highly anticipated, The last one from marvel studios may be the best this year. We were recently gifted with the new black panther teaser trailer and like many other Marvel trailers it was packed with action, amazing visual effects and slo-mo super hero landings. But with the introduction of Michael B. Jordan, a new cast and “fingers crossed” a hip hop based sound track from what he heard on the trailer ( “Legend has it” – Run the jewels ) this could be a completely different and refreshing change from some of the other Marvel flicks. You can’t argue that the black panther is one of the most bad ass characters in the MCU right now and with guys like Roberts Downey Jr. and Chris Evans potentially leaving the universe after infinity war it’s most likely going to be the new blood leading our favorite super crew into battle. What i am most excited about seeing in this movie is the Vibranium power house that is Wakanda, Primal Wakanda is the pinnacle of producing advanced technology and has untill now idly sat as a shadow in the arc of the awesomeness that is captain Americas shield, Bucky’s rehab vaccay and the distant home of T’Challa. This movie will give us an in depth look at beautiful contrast of Wakanda. And the middle earth fandom will be happy to see Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman star as significant roles in this new film. We’re going to have to wait until February 2018 to see the black panther movie but until then we have Spider man homecoming( July ) and Thor Ragnarok ( November ) to look forward to. But for me this is the movie i am genuinely geeking over right now. Take the poll, Pick your favorite trailer.





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