Successfully narcissistic 

narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone knows someone who loves them self a bit to much, you know your friend who’s camera roll is 90% selfies. Narcissism originated from greek mythology, some God fell in love with himself whilst looking at his reflection in a pool. Now narcissists are considered socially unacceptable, culturally problematic and just dicks in general. I won’t delve to deep into the psychology cave because we will get very deep and dark real quick. But narcissists can be moulded though nurture or nature, if your parents are narcissistic there is a good chance you will have that gene. But it doesn’t mean your destined for being hated, a lot of it will develop during your child hood. When you are a very small child your extremely selfish, you don’t know about selflessness or being empathetic. All you care about is being happy and getting what you want, And anyone who studied psychology 101 will understand that’s your I.D influencing your choices. But as a child grows older there are many factors that can steer ones personality this way or the other such as parent input and the child’s living environment. Of course there are many theories and other issues that can help create a narcissistic but the point is your path to narcissism is generally laid out for you in early life. You want to be friends with a narcissist? Ok cool have fun listening to your friend talk about how how much better looking they are then you. And whatever you do don’t fall in love with a narcissist, I guarantee you a life of gut whrenching misery. Narcissists are selfish, a little vulgar and have a lack of social etiquette. Before you say I’ve come here just to break hearts, I’m just getting to the part about narcissists that are reasonably rational when it comes to professional success. Some of the best business owners and entrepreneurs are self proclaimed narcissists. It’s a brilliant trait for making it to the top. I mean it makes sense, think about what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice a few friendships or push a few people over to get to the top, I mean really to the top ” In business sir, one has no friends, only correspondents “. You also have to be focused, a narcissist is gifted with ferocious tunnel vision when it comes to business. While the human being with a soul is distracted by the out side world the heartless human is only focused on themselves. And the most important ability to have in business is to have the ability to believe in yourself, no one in the world believes in them selves more then a narcissist. It’s all the perfect ingredients to be a tenacious entrepreneur. If you’re going into business maybe take a few traits for the narcissistic personality disorder. With all fairness there are glimpses of light in narcissistic people and it’s a proper genuine moment to see it, narcissists are usually the people who have the most issues with themselves but their empowering personality feeds the notion of oozing confidence into these people. So if you indeed know a narcissist don’t forget they’re just as broken as you, but incredibly ingenious business people. 


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