Getting laid

This isn’t exactly a guide on how to get laid, I just needed your attention. Some of you may die virgins but i am here to help the romantically challenged gentlemen of 2017 have a fighting chance because it’s pretty tough out there and what i mean by that is there is a lot of […]

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Connor vs Floyd

It’s official. History will be made on August 26 as Connor McGregor becomes the first UFC champion to fight in boxing. Connor has already made history by being the first fighter in the UFC to hold belts in two different divisions at the same time while his adversary Floyd Mayweather is arguably one of the […]

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Freak in the sheets

My two favourite things are sex and music so I’ve inevitably got a pretty freaky playlist on Spotify which I call ‘ Freak in the sheets ‘.  Music encourages sexual activity and can intensify the pleasure of engaging in sex, this is because listening to music releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter in the brain […]

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I know this girl, she’s not like other girls. She’s got a edge, sharp enough to cut through cold rolled steel. She looks at me with a purpose, I look back into her eyes and it’s a blue abyss .. the deepest I’ve ever looked. Her jet back hair matches the way she walks, like […]

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Successfully narcissistic 

narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone knows someone who loves them self a bit to much, you know your friend who’s camera roll is 90% selfies. Narcissism originated from greek mythology, some God fell in love with himself whilst looking at his reflection in a pool. Now narcissists are considered socially unacceptable, culturally problematic and just dicks […]

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