Getting laid

This isn’t exactly a guide on how to get laid, I just needed your attention. Some of you may die virgins but i am here to help the romantically challenged gentlemen of 2017 have a fighting chance because it’s pretty tough out there and what i mean by that is there is a lot of beautiful single women out there… with options. Sending dick picks guys really, What the fuck?, Your going to have to be a little more mysterious and a little bit more profound. Now i am not a Womanizer or some sexy looking human like Charlie Hunnum but i do understand people and i have an unflinching ability to listen, Psychology 101 it’s more useful then you would think. The first course of action to take is to create opportunities for your self to actually meet women. It’s a numbers game, the more women you meet the better chances you have of finding a date/ or dates, so if you’re inside all day playing cod for eight hours straight you’re not putting yourself out there enough now don’t get me wrong I fucking love call of duty but I love girls more. Now the best places to meet girls aren’t the most obvious, tinder is great but you must understand tinder is different for girls because they have options! Most girls on tinder will get matches easily because 9/10 guys on tinder are just looking for casual sex so if you match with a girl on tinder she’s also matched with about 200 other guys who you will be analysed against. Bars have always been a great go to for single lads on a night out looking to hook up and chances are the single girls in the bar are also looking to get lucky but you better be rich, sexy or know how to make a las bite her lip just with the sweet words that come out of your mouth because the bar is going to be full of people looking to hook up so there will be competition and it can also make girls feel a little to vulnerable. Nightclubs work for crazy passionate dance floor impulse hook ups but it’s usually to loud to talk and to messy to make a significant impression. The best places to meet girls are places where girls feel secure and your going to be able to create an intimate connection. Places like the library at your university, yoga class, coffee shops, grocery stores. These are the types of places where girls aren’t expecting to be asked out so the connection is more genuine where as at a bar a girl knows ( in arya starks voice ) what most guys that talk to her intentions are. The amount of conversations I strike up with girls at my library are much more then when I’m out at the bar with my friends. When I meet a girl at the library she isn’t already assuming what I want and a relationship is able to form where she is able to get to actually know me. And this is because her guard is down and she is more open, the library isn’t and intimidating place like a night club or bar. So everyday there is opportunities to meet a women you just need to be open and build up enough confidence to engage in conversation with a stranger. Yeah I know.. the confidence thing is hard, most guys have self esteem issues and struggles with the ability to be confident in themselves. I myself struggled with this but the older I got the more I became myself, and it’s when you find out who you are and embrace it, is when it assists to gain a lot of confidence, being your self is the best way to be confident. Find yourself, and focus on the things you like about yourself the most and work on the things you don’t like. So now your meeting girls, confidence is growing and you want to start dating one of these girls. You just have to ask her out, you’ve got nothing to lose. If she sais no well at least you got over that hurdle and your actually in the game! If she said yes you’re dating. Now don’t fuck it up. The first date is important, you want it to be fun, different and memorable. Girls like a little mystery, they like their guys to be sweet with a bit of a bad side so don’t be afraid to go a bit alternative. A nice dinner date followed by skinny dipping at the beach, a cute bicycle ride…to a salsa dance party, take her swimming.. in your neighbours pool. Just make it exciting, passionate, go ahead and be the reason she gets coal in her stockings this Christmas, its sexy to have a bit of a edge. But the absolute most important thing to do on a date is listen, Listen to her I promise you it will give you so many extra bonus points. Girls love a guy who can listen to them and if you actually show genuine interest in your date it can create many sparks within the ambient light of smiles and laughter. I have a friend who loves to talk about himself and I pointed this out to him, he’s been dating for a few months now and the first date he went on after I told him to try listen more intently he came back to me the next day and said it was the first date he’s been on and felt a real connection, so fellas just try it. I feel like guys in 2017 just aren’t getting the best information on dating, the generation has lost its grip on romance. Now I’m not trying to put myself out there as some kind of love guru but with all the social media platforms and convenience of online dating it’s easy to get lost with what girls are into now. And a little old school chivalry still works better then anything today, but if all else fails just tell her that she has great eyebrows and she will love you forever. Now you’ve been on a few dates with a girl, if you like her there is a few things you should do. 1. Make her feel important, she wants to feel like she’s rocking your world like no one else has so show her some appreciation, and she’ll show it right back in a good way. If you don’t she may go a little crae crae in a bad way.  2. There’s a line you don’t want to cross, it’s called desperate line. Appreciate her but don’t give it all up at once, just do your thing and be a bad ass. Take her out and show her off but don’t abandon the rest of your life for her, because then you lose self value and she likes you at your best. 3. Be a little dangerous, mysterious. It’s a good way to get your girl feeling lustrous and excited. You want to keep the relationship fresh, fun and unpredictable. 4.Just care for her, be compassionate. Tell her she looks pretty, buy her coffee, massage her after work and kiss her on the neck. And it sounds like I’m telling you to do a lot of work but it’s worth it, you take care of your girl and your girl will take care of you. At the start it’s about establishing a romantic relationship and getting to know one another, and about the sex.. that important bit. Or… you’ve been on a few dates and you don’t see it going anywhere. Be a gentleman and be truthful to her, but for you it’s been an experience anyway. You’ve been on a date and put your self in a position to find love, hell you may of even got some sexual experience out of it. I’m not at all encouraging forcing yourself into dating but if you’re interested in having a girlfriend or just want to have some fun dating you’ve got to create opportunities for yourself. Love is the best when it’s in unexpected, and you just find. And dating is like a gateway drug for love. It’s a great high and feels great but if you do it enough you’ll eventually bump into something that makes you feel even better. For instance, my good friend actually met his wife on a double date, his future wife was the girl who was set up with the other guy. So through his actual date, he met his long time partner. This week make it your task to get a girls number, A quest of some sort. Through fire and flame you will toil but it’s all part of our shared love for girls. I very much hope with all of my heart that my article has helped some of you understand how to date women and find women to date. Just go out there have some fun, talk to some girls and learn a thing or two. Thank you for reading, gentleman. e26380ea059908eeb326d6604fc5a3d4--beautiful-women-beautiful-people

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If you enjoy music and want to start 2018 at one of New Zealand’s biggest parties, You’ll probably want to check out Bay dreams 2018. Yes, They are back and New Years just got as little bit louder. Early bird tickets go on sale in less then 24 hours and i suggest you buy some because you’ll save yourself some money which you can spend on a sweet pair of jandals to wear to the festival, Or gas money and the first line up for the festival is absolutely stacked. I’ m surprised there’s a second line up announcement because the first one itself is exceptional. Pendulum will be blessing us with a DJ set as one of the headline acts. Pendulum live is one of the best DJ sets in the world, These guys are masters of their craft and Rob Swire is arguably the best music producer in dance music. The other two big headliners on the first announcement list are DJ Snake and Foster the people. I have seen DJ snake live before and the one thing he excels at is working with the crown, This guy is rowdy and he know’s how to get you moving. Foster the people, How could you not like them. Pumped up kicks should be played at least once at every music festival. The rest of the line up looks like this If you enjoy music and want to start 2018 at one of New Zealand’s biggest parties, You’ll probably want to check out Bay dreams 2018. Yes, They are back and New Years just got as little bit louder. Early bird tickets go on sale in less then 24 hours and i suggest you buy some because you’ll save yourself some money which you can spend on a sweet pair of jandals to wear to the festival, Or gas money and the first line up for the festival is absolutely stacked. I’ m surprised there’s a second line up announcement because the first one itself is exceptional. Pendulum will be blessing us with a DJ set as one of the headline acts. Pendulum live is one of the best DJ sets in the world, These guys are masters of their craft and Rob Swire is arguably the best music producer in dance music. The other two big headliners on the first announcement list are DJ Snake and Foster the people. I have seen DJ snake live before and the one thing he excels at is working with the crown, This guy is rowdy and he know’s how to get you moving. Foster the people, How could you not like them. Pumped up kicks should be played at least once at every music festival. The rest of the line up looks like this * $uicide boy$* Flatbush Zombies*Ocean alley* Home brew* Classixx * Crafty cuts and Chali 2na* Opiuo* FKJ* Sons of Zion* Hybrid minds* Swindail* Sachi * Eptic* Skism* A-Skillz* P-Money This is Just the main stage, With more announcements with more big acts supsected Bay dreams is going to be epic!All this fun takes place in The Mount, One of the best spots to spend summer in New Zealand. When your’e not raving your ass off at the festival take some time to visit the gorgeuos beaches or hang out with the beautiful locals. I seriously can’t think of a better way to kick of 2018. Sun soaked glory knees deep with some of the biggest bands in the world, With your friends. Not even Justin Marshall could come up with a speech enthusiastic enough to merit this magnitude of awesomeness. I went last year and i definitely plan on going again this year. My advice is get some early bird tickets, Round up your squad, be organised and take a extra pair of sunnies. Shout out to ZM and all the sponsors for allowing this to happen. The festival takes place on the 2nd of January, I’ll see you there.  Click the link to register for Early bird tickets



Connor vs Floyd

It’s official. History will be made on August 26 as Connor McGregor becomes the first UFC champion to fight in boxing. Connor has already made history by being the first fighter in the UFC to hold belts in two different divisions at the same time while his adversary Floyd Mayweather is arguably one of the best boxers ever flaunting a 49-0 undefeated record which could turn into a record breaking 50-0 if he wins. UFC president Dana white has graced us with the lowdown on the fight, the agreed weight for the fight will be 154 pounds which gives Connor a slight edge as he is the current 155 pound champion in the UFC and a naturally bigger man. The fighters will battle with 10 ounce gloves and it will all go down at T-Mobile arena is Las Vegas. The financial details have not been confirmed but white stated the Connor will receive around 100 mil for the fight which will be his biggest pay day to date. This is like a lion going into a wolves den to pick a fight. Boxing is Floyd’s game and He’s the best at it so i wouldn’t be surprised if the odds for Floyd to win are very strong but if you count out Connor from taking the win you haven’t been paying enough attention. Connor has f*****g bombs in his hands and genuine confidence, every time this guy fights he predicts when and how he’s going to win and he does it. He also has nothing to lose here, win or lose he gets a massive pay check and if he goes in there and loses no ones going to be disappointed in him, he’s a MMA fighter not a boxer. My money is on Conor winning this fight, he’s got the youth, speed, power and momentum. He’s got that absolute savage killer instinct and Fight or die heart. Floyd will try to outclass Connor and use his undeniably impressive defense to throw Connors attack off. But all it takes is one clean shot from Connor and lights out. This may be floyds last fight but Dana white has said that Connor will be defending his current UFC lightweight belt shortly after fighting Floyd. This is the fight fans have been waiting for and we have been gifted with the biggest bout of the year . Mystic mac vs ‘Money’ Mayweather will be historic!giphy.gif

Tell social anxiety to fuck off 

The first day of high school wasn’t pleasant for me, I was a anxious mess I didn’t know what to do. I had to make new friends, fit in to a group, try convince myself I wasn’t a total loser. All the other kids are going to parties, but can you imagine yourself at a party.. around the opposite sex, the cool kids. My Saturday nights were spent in my bedroom listening to good charlotte and blink 182, I was extra emo. I would of had an anxiety attack for sure if I actually went to a live concert or party. You know it didn’t take me long to figure out how to fit in though, make a few friends and actually be the kid throwing a few parties. I’m 26 years old now and am still a bit of a loner, outcast type but I do not suffer from social anxiety at all, in fact I’m the opposite. Im very confident, friendly and even do public speaking from time to time. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a loner or not fitting in. These are my favourite types of people, they’re a little bit damaged but they’re interesting because they’ve been through some shit. These are the type of people I’d rather spend my time with. The problem is social anxiety can be a speed bump in your road to happiness, it could stop you from getting the job you’ve always wanted or hinder you from asking out the girl next door for coffee. Dealing with your social anxiety can define you, it can help build your charisma and become a stronger human being. There is a difference between not wanting to be in a social situation and being anxious in a social situation, I want you to be able to have the power to choose where you want to be and how you feel when you get there. How do we deal with social anxiety? How do we meet our own demons in the Frey?. We embrace them with open arms. To deal with your problems you need to recognise them and own them. So the first step is just being yourself and learning to be happy with yourself. If you can concede to your own issues you will be able to become yourself and then no one, including yourself can use them to hurt you. The next thing I want you to do is think about all the things you like about yourself, this will help you gain confidence in yourself again. For instance I know that I’m smart and creative, I think to myself well I have these two great traits and how do I use them to my own advantage. I know Im Not super good looking or the funniest guy but that’s ok because I’m embracing the good things about me and using them to benefit myself and others. And then i think about the bits about me that I’d like to be better at. This is important because having a self progressive goal is the key to gain confidence. The actual act of having a goal is enough to keep you motivated and fierce, start with something small. Perhaps attend a social gathering in your neighbourhood or join upto a gym and then when you start achieving little goals you should start aiming for the stars. If you start of with little goals it keeps you progressing which will fuel your fight for personal and social growth. Other things to think about is your sub conscious , a lot of the time people with social anxiety tend to over think a lot and one of the effects of this is that you think the people can visually see your anxiety and it’s crippling. If you don’t think of yourself looking like a social outcast your not going to look like one, if these thoughts happen to you just practice breathing slowly until you feel more relaxed or think of someone you admire that is a confident social butterfly then imagine that your that person, own it and you will become it… fake it till you make it. Another technique I learned while studying is psychology is rating your fears from 1 to 10. For example: eating out in public – 1 or going on a date – 10. Then actually go and do these things and rate them on how much fear they struck you with. The usual result of that is that the number scored after actually doing the thing you were scared of is lower and this comes back to overthinking everything. Generally the hurdle is a lot lower than anticipated. Another thing I want you to do is reward yourself for accomplishing your set goals, you’ve totally earned it and the only person that got you through to the end was you. Why do people have social anxiety ?. There is no scientific evidence that social anxiety I passed on through genes and I am quite sure environment has the most sway over your social anxiety disorder so make sure your surrounding yourself in a supportive environment. Bad experiences, health conditions and work demands can help towards developing the disorder so it’s important to stay healthy and avoid stress to help evade anxiety issues. If you work on these steps and goals you will hopefully come out the other side a more confident and content person with new powers to play with. So keep healthy, set the goals and chase them tenaciously, and concentrate on your own self development. Also think about doing yoga or meditation if you want a stronger mind to help, I do yoga regularly and find it very effective with staying focused and strong willed. I hope at least one person has found some inspiration out of this article.Du bist wunderschoen. 😘 

Keep calm and love Salvatore brothers

The vampire diaries was a big part of my life for 8 years, it first aired in September 10th 2009 and had its heartbreaking finale on march 10 2017. It is my all time favorite show and not only did I learn a lot about how to live my life through the epic story line I also had my life positively changed through the people I met and talked to from the show. I love the vampire diaries and the characters are very special to me so i had to write about my two favorite brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. And this write up is exclusively for my die hard fang fans. It was made pretty obvious to us from the start of the series that the main plot line would predominantly be about a love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon, and that it would be Stefan’s story. And the writers had actually planned to have Elena and Stefan find their way back to each other but that changed after Nina Dobrevs departure from the show. But for me personally from the first “Hello Brother” the show was always about Damon and Stefan’s relationship with each other . Damon and Stefan both loved Elena fiercely, both in different ways. Stefan was her soul mate and they loved each other with absolute purity but Elena could never shake her deeper feelings for Damon after turning into a vampire. She was consumed in Damon’s love and she knew he would do things for her that Stefan, stricken with guilt and morality couldn’t. Damon’s character arc was undeniably inspiring, he went from antagonist to protagonist. His love for Elena was immense and he wanted to do right by her, in time he became less impulsive and more compassionate. But his love for his brother was more then any love he could of had for Elena. Elena was what the brothers needed to find each other. Stefan always said he needed Damon more then Elena and Damon loved his brother more then anything. Stefan was lost without Damon and when Damon was with Elena Stefan saw that he needed her to become a better person. That’s the beauty of it, Stefan needed his brother but Damon needed Elena to become the brother that Stefan needed. There’s no doubt the brothers both loved Elena unconditionally but within a void of the vampires hearts I believe they loved and protected her because they knew she was the glue that held them together. Both brothers eternally wounded by the grief that they have inflicted on each other , always trying to be as selfless as possible for one another, attempting to fix the hurts of the past while in the end Stefan gives his own life to save his big brother. Damon would of never let Stefan die for him and was prepared to do the most selfless thing he could-of ever done but Stefan knew Damon would try to save his little brother. Stefan’s actions in the finale was his ultimate sacrifice to give his life for Damon’s , knowing that he was the one who forced Damon to transition into a vampire all those years ago which caused a train reaction of death and suffering. Stefan couldn’t stand the thought of Damon and Elena losing each other either and his actions saved both of them. For 8 season the story for me was all about the development of the Salvatore brotherhood which was an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Delena and Stelena are great but the most important ship of vampire diaries will always be #defan. My top five #defan moment are the car crash:  the off screen friendshipthis hugthe reunion from the other side the end#TVDforever

Freak in the sheets

My two favourite things are sex and music so I’ve inevitably got a pretty freaky playlist on Spotify which I call ‘ Freak in the sheets ‘.  Music encourages sexual activity and can intensify the pleasure of engaging in sex, this is because listening to music releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that in responsible for creating the same feeling we get when we have sex, do drugs or eat chocolate. So I have listed a bunch of my favourite songs for sex below. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do. This playlist is mixed genre and works well for guys and girls. It’s got everything, songs for girls to rock their hips to and slow jams.  1. Like a wrecking ball- Eric Church 2. Firestone- Kygo 3. Gold- Kiiara 4. Killing strangers- Marilyn Manson 5. Gravity- Sarah Bareilles 6. Fader- The temper trap 7. The hills- the weekend 8. Bad or you- Meek mill and Nikki Minaj 9. For an hour with you- J.tillman 10. Closer-king of Leon 11.Intro- the xx 12.Your man- Josh turner 13.Little pills- devil skin 14. Supermassive blackhole- Muse 15. My love- route 94 16. The wire- Haim 17. Sway- Bic runga 18. This years love- David grey 19. Heartbeats- the knife 20. Hey- pixies 21. Body party- ciara 22. Motivation- Kelly rowland 23. (Ashamed but..) ms. New booty- bubba sparxxx 24. Tennessee whisky- Chris Stapleton 25. Big poppa- biggie smalls 26. Scars- Michael malarkey 27. My name is human- highly suspect 28. Eyes on fire- blue foundation 29. Lydia- highly suspect 30. Vessel- devilskin 31. Layla- Eric Clapton 32. Fucking problems- asap rocky 33. Oh- ciara 34. Stay- Rihanna 35. Truffle butter- Nikki Minaj 36. The recipe- Kendrick Lamar 37. 212- azealia banks 38. Beggin- step up all starts 39. Bang that- disclosure 40. Running low- netsky party- meek mill 42. 9pm- atb right there- diplo 44. Raise your weapon- deadmau5 45. Spin you around- puddle of mudd 46. Deftones- tempest.


I know this girl, she’s not like other girls. She’s got a edge, sharp enough to cut through cold rolled steel. She looks at me with a purpose, I look back into her eyes and it’s a blue abyss .. the deepest I’ve ever looked. Her jet back hair matches the way she walks, like she knows exactly what she wants. She is imperfect in every way I can imagine but she is the most strikingly gorgeous girl I have ever seen. The way she talks I thought she was broken, I can tell by the quiver in her voice that she’s been through some adversity. But the more I listen to her the more I realise she’s more put together than I thought, she’s here to fix me. She does this thing when she laughs, she’ll look down and giggle and then look back up at me to see if I’m laughing to. It’s hard not to laugh, everything about her is contagious. Her perfect reluctant smile with her painted lips, her compassion, her energy…. It all seems like a dream. She burns bright within the darkness of my presence, she has that Irish fire blood and it’s runs hot. I was lost, my path was disappearing in the horizon and I was weary. Isn’t it wonderful, that on our tiny little planet in an ocean of stars and galaxies, there is one girl who Is so undeniably alluring to me that it feels like every cell in my body is aching to be with her. There’s no one else like this one girl, one I can be selfless for and do write by.

Successfully narcissistic 

narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone knows someone who loves them self a bit to much, you know your friend who’s camera roll is 90% selfies. Narcissism originated from greek mythology, some God fell in love with himself whilst looking at his reflection in a pool. Now narcissists are considered socially unacceptable, culturally problematic and just dicks in general. I won’t delve to deep into the psychology cave because we will get very deep and dark real quick. But narcissists can be moulded though nurture or nature, if your parents are narcissistic there is a good chance you will have that gene. But it doesn’t mean your destined for being hated, a lot of it will develop during your child hood. When you are a very small child your extremely selfish, you don’t know about selflessness or being empathetic. All you care about is being happy and getting what you want, And anyone who studied psychology 101 will understand that’s your I.D influencing your choices. But as a child grows older there are many factors that can steer ones personality this way or the other such as parent input and the child’s living environment. Of course there are many theories and other issues that can help create a narcissistic but the point is your path to narcissism is generally laid out for you in early life. You want to be friends with a narcissist? Ok cool have fun listening to your friend talk about how how much better looking they are then you. And whatever you do don’t fall in love with a narcissist, I guarantee you a life of gut whrenching misery. Narcissists are selfish, a little vulgar and have a lack of social etiquette. Before you say I’ve come here just to break hearts, I’m just getting to the part about narcissists that are reasonably rational when it comes to professional success. Some of the best business owners and entrepreneurs are self proclaimed narcissists. It’s a brilliant trait for making it to the top. I mean it makes sense, think about what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice a few friendships or push a few people over to get to the top, I mean really to the top ” In business sir, one has no friends, only correspondents “. You also have to be focused, a narcissist is gifted with ferocious tunnel vision when it comes to business. While the human being with a soul is distracted by the out side world the heartless human is only focused on themselves. And the most important ability to have in business is to have the ability to believe in yourself, no one in the world believes in them selves more then a narcissist. It’s all the perfect ingredients to be a tenacious entrepreneur. If you’re going into business maybe take a few traits for the narcissistic personality disorder. With all fairness there are glimpses of light in narcissistic people and it’s a proper genuine moment to see it, narcissists are usually the people who have the most issues with themselves but their empowering personality feeds the notion of oozing confidence into these people. So if you indeed know a narcissist don’t forget they’re just as broken as you, but incredibly ingenious business people. 

Welcome to Wakanda

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With super hero movies absolutely steam rolling the Box office right now with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon every new trailer is highly anticipated, The last one from marvel studios may be the best this year. We were recently gifted with the new black panther teaser trailer and like many other Marvel trailers it was packed with action, amazing visual effects and slo-mo super hero landings. But with the introduction of Michael B. Jordan, a new cast and “fingers crossed” a hip hop based sound track from what he heard on the trailer ( “Legend has it” – Run the jewels ) this could be a completely different and refreshing change from some of the other Marvel flicks. You can’t argue that the black panther is one of the most bad ass characters in the MCU right now and with guys like Roberts Downey Jr. and Chris Evans potentially leaving the universe after infinity war it’s most likely going to be the new blood leading our favorite super crew into battle. What i am most excited about seeing in this movie is the Vibranium power house that is Wakanda, Primal Wakanda is the pinnacle of producing advanced technology and has untill now idly sat as a shadow in the arc of the awesomeness that is captain Americas shield, Bucky’s rehab vaccay and the distant home of T’Challa. This movie will give us an in depth look at beautiful contrast of Wakanda. And the middle earth fandom will be happy to see Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman star as significant roles in this new film. We’re going to have to wait until February 2018 to see the black panther movie but until then we have Spider man homecoming( July ) and Thor Ragnarok ( November ) to look forward to. But for me this is the movie i am genuinely geeking over right now. Take the poll, Pick your favorite trailer.




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